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TMG800 VoIP gateway 

T1/E1, ISDN-PRI, CAS R1, CAS R2, SS7 (optional), Sigtran (optional), H.248, SIP and VoIP on the same device. Various configurations are available:

  • TMG800-1, (1 x T1/E1, 32 x VoIP)
  • TMG800-2, (2 x T1/E1, 64 x VoIP)
  • TMG800-4, (4 x T1/E1, 128 x VoIP)
  • TMG800-8, (8 x T1/E1, 256 x VoIP)
  • TMG800-12, (12 x T1/E1, 384 x VoIP)
  • TMG800-16, (16 x T1/E1, 512 x VoIP)
    Power supply comes in either AC or DC format without a power cord - Please mention which type is needed. Includes shipping fees.

See: https://docs.telcobridges.com/tbwiki/TMG800 for more details